Shop Your Favorite TV Shows With Spylight

If you know me, you know I'm kind of obsessed with TV characters' style — I've written pages upon pages about the style on Pretty Little Liars , I could pick a Mindy Lahiri outfit out of a lineup any day, and I'd just about die for an ounce of Jessica Day's ModCloth street cred. Basically, next to chocolate and Netflix, TV fashion is my biggest vice — and now, with the help of a little website called Spylight, it's going to be that much easier to steal all of my favorite characters' best outfits.

Spylight features just about all of your favorite shows, from Doctor Who (spoiler alert: Clara really likes Topshop) to Scandal (now, if only we could all look as resplendent in bright white as Kerry Washington does) — you can even find out where Eliza Dooley of Selfie gets all of her awesome printed tights from, and where Molly Hooper of Sherlock gets all of her adorably mumsy cardigans. They've got pretty much everything — it's only period shows like Game of Thrones that are left out (guess we'll have to stick to cosplay on those, eh?).

The only drawback is, in a lot of cases, by the time a TV episode has aired, the item of clothing in question has gone off the shelves. Still, if you're really into a certain character's style, it sure helps to know where they like to shop!

Images: Adam Taylor/Fox