Gamer Proposes In Front Of 140,000 People

One contestant in the massive Awesome Games Done Quick video game competition got to push play on something bigger than pixels. Mid-game, the player known as Jackafur took a quick detour when he decided to propose to his girlfriend—with over 140,000 people watching live. "Okay, so I've got some things to say," he says, pausing the Nintendo 64 Mischief Makers game. "Some of you might cringe—"He started rattling off a string of gratitude directed towards his friends, the community, and most of all, his fellow gaming girlfriend. She was sitting right next to him, seemingly unprepared for what happened next. "You guys picked me off my feet," he says. "But this girl keeps me on my feet." He turned left to face her and her perfect purple coif. Then he popped the question—in an unexpected way: "I wanted to ask you if you would marry me?" OK, that is not cringeworthy.

If anyone in the audience had been tuning out the disruption before, that snapped them right back to attention. She drew a hand to her mouth in surprise and peeped something sounding affirmative. "Yes?" he asked and she hastily nodded in confirmation. The crowd behind the couple turned to absolute puddles of aww-ing goo right where they sat at their controllers. Sweetness abounded as the two hugged and several more rose in applause.

Some have questioned exactly why Jackafur didn't seem to present a ring for his new fiancée to don. "I held on to the ring cause I was horrified it wouldn't fit on her finger," he clarified on Twitter. "It does fit though." Phew!