Emma Stone Is a Photobombing Champion, Because Your Sneaky Celebrity Stalker Photos Aren't Fooling Anyone

Just consider this reason number #3791 Emma Stone is amazing: When a fan tries to sneakily take a picture of her in public, Stone doesn't get annoyed — she just photobombs it, fabulously. Case-in-point: A few days ago, a fan attempted to take a sneak photo of Emma Stone and her longtime boyfriend Andrew Garfield as they were eating at a restaurant, and Stone managed to photobomb the pic at, seriously, the most perfect moment possible, you'd think she was a psychic or something. I mean, you can see the fan in the corner trying to look all nonchalant as she drinks from a mug and takes a fake selfie, but nothing gets past Stone — and now, it's immortalized on Instagram. Move over Tina Fey — there's a new photobombing queen in town.

"Ok, so... either I caught a great moment between#AndrewGarfield & #EmmaStone or I clearly got caught and I am officially FIRED as a paparazzi...#oops," the fan captioned along with the photo, which, I'm pretty sure, is exactly what perfection looks like.

While yes, she was caught (with an amazing result, might I add), I have to give this fan some due credit: In her defense, it does look like a pretty good effort at a sneak celebrity photo. She didn't even accidentally have to flash on or anything when she was trying to take the photo, which, please take my word for it, does happen.

(And by take my word for it, yes, I do mean it's happened to me before. Again, Ron Perlman, I'm really sorry, I know you were just trying to enjoy that Drive screening in LA like the rest of us. I'm just a really big 1000 Ways to Die fan who clearly doesn't know how to work her iPhone's camera.)

(OK, I'll stop now.)

Anyway, check out the amazing photobomb below: