Joaquin Awkwardly Reveals His Crush on Amy Poehler

In a straight-out-of-left-field moment, Joaquin Phoenix revealed his crush on Amy Poehler during a Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview on Thursday night. After talking about the upcoming Golden Globes — where he's nominated for Inherent Vice — he segued awkwardly into how he finds the actress "attractive." Actually, he wondered if he could even pronounce her last name, then talked about his feelings. "You know who I do find attractive is that Amy… what's her… Poehler? How do you say her last name?" he told Kimmel. "Yeah, I think she's very attractive."

His explanation behind the interesting change of topic kind of makes sense, though. "Well, I guess just because she’s hosting the Globes, she’s having a party, and I’m going to go, and I’m a little nervous about seeing her," Phoenix added. "I don’t really know what to say." Interestingly enough, Poehler told a story on Late Night With Seth Meyers last year about how Phoenix was the first to show up to a Globes party after she and Fey hosted in 2014. She described him as a "great, great, weird first guest," but apparently he doesn't remember any of their encounters, or she just observed him from afar.

Unfortunately, Kimmel also had to break some bad news to the actor: Poehler is taken by comedian Nick Kroll. "So you’re saying they have a solid relationship?" Phoenix questioned. When Kimmel told him that the couple has been together for a while, the actor made quite a face, shrugged, and said he probably won't try to break them up. Honestly, if anyone's going to get between Poehler and Kroll — or Kroller, like a crueller doughnut as I call them — it's going to be John Stamos. No disrespect to Phoenix, but he's kind of a downgrade from the whole Poehler/Stamos first date story. He can get in line to win the funny lady's heart — after me and Stamos.