There's An Anti-Paparazzi Clothing Line for Sale

Cara Delivingne isn't going to be the only celeb to cleverly ward off paparazzi anymore. Chris Holmes, a DJ on Paul McCartney's tour created an anti-paparazzi clothing line anyone can buy. You're welcome, celebrities of the world.

Each clothing item is lined with reflective threads. Whenever a flash is used on a paparazzi's camera, the light will bounce straight back to the camera, making the image useless (turns out I actually did need you, Physics 101). This is the same thinking that was used in Delivingne's coat, but more discreet than an all-over reflective coat.

Holmes said he received the "epiphany" from looking at photos of himself playing on stage. The DJ often wore reflective clothing, and he says he noticed the flash would bounce back because of his clothing. At first, Holmes wasn't happy many of his images were ruined because of his clothes, but then realized how reflective clothing could ruin pictures for a good reason.

The DJ went through Betabrand, an online clothing community that allows people to financially support the invention of clothes, such as sweat pants that look like dress pants, executive hoodies, and whatnot. Turns out, Holmes was able to raise enough finances in a matter of days.

Right now, his line includes a hoodie, infinity scarf, and a blazer. Holmes is encouraging people to include ideas of what items they would like to see in reflective clothing in the comments of his online shopping section.

Holmes and Delevingne aren't the only celebrities trying to ward off the paparazzi. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield used their celeb power for non-profit good. And maybe this line will help Justin Bieber's temper with the photographers. Mostly, I suggest Holmes create kid-sized reflective clothing for celeb parents who are trying to protect their tykes.

Images: BetaBrand