"If People Were Honest At The Office" Video from BuzzFeed Shows Us Exactly Why That Doesn't Happen IRL

The delicate ballet of affected patience that is interoffice engagement can be exhausting, particularly when you’re hungover, tired, sick, grieving, bored, or basically any other human emotion that isn’t the exact one you're feigning during an aside with your co-worker. But here’s what BuzzFeed suggests would happen “If People Were Honest At The Office,” a sort of homage to the off-the-cuff exchanges we all secretly wish we could carry on in a professional setting without repercussions.

Interpersonal relationships can be hard to maintain regardless of their status. But upkeeping your social mobility at work, whoo buddy, that’s a tough one. Perhaps you are a person who genuinely loves and is loved by everyone at your office. But more probably you are not. You are, after all, a human being. That being said, what if you could spend five minutes looking at your Facebook or Twitter feed without fear of reprimand from a staff senior member (who we know is going about the same social media business from his or her own cubicle)? Or, what if you could let Bobby in accounting know that the Marilyn Monroe quote in his signature isn’t something she actually ever said without jeopardizing your Thursday happy hours?

Watch the video below to watch how that might play out.

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Image: jeliva/Fotolia