What's the Song in the 'Clash of the Clans' Ad?

If I’ve learned one thing from my ongoing quest to identify the music featured in popular television spots (aside from the titles of songs, of course), it would be this: If I think I already know what the song is before I begin my research (i.e., ask Shazam), my instincts are usually correct. When my ears and gut work together, they rarely lead me astray. (Oops, sorry about that. No one likes a braggart.) Even so, when I first heard the song that queues up when the arrowed barbarian soars over a battlefield atop a cannonball in a commercial for mobile game Clash of the Clans, I didn’t think my ears ’n’ gut were correct. Alas, I was wrong about being wrong. My Shazamming proved my ears ’n’ gut right: The song in the Clash of the Clans ad is “Wigwam” by Bob Dylan.

Why did I doubt myself, anyway? Well, it'd been a while since I'd heard the Dylan track. I guess I remembered it slightly differently. It was the tempo that got me. I’d convinced myself that “Wigwam” was slower and— OK. I'm going to stop right there. No more lame rambling.

"Wigwam" was released in 1970 and was the lead single off of the music icon's album Self Portrait. The easy breezy track sounds like flying:

But does it sound like flying by cannonball? Sure. Why not?

Image: Clash of Clans/YouTube