Guys Who Are Single vs. "Taken"

It's an age old problem — you start talking to a guy at a party, you seem to be hitting it off, you're thinking about maybe making a move, but you aren't sure if he has a girlfriend or not. But never fear, someone out there thinks they have a solution, with Scroll Droll's handy "Single v. Taken" series of helpful infographics.

Personally, I'm not sure how much I buy these. Apart even from the fact that I've never been a fan of referring to either men or women as "taken" (do people really lose their right to self-ownership just because they're now romantically involved?), I have met plenty of bearded boyfriends and plenty of single guys who enjoy the top row at the movie theater. I mean, fewer people around you means less talking. It's a fact.

Also, I'm not wild about the assumption that "taken" guys are broke, presumably because they're always treating their girlfriend. It just implies a few too many misogynistic tropes about gold diggers. Plus there's another chart that implies guys don't speed when they're in a relationship, I guess either because they're "protecting" their girlfriend while she's in the car or because having a girlfriend makes the bad guys go good? Or because women are nags who make their dates drive slow? Either way, not wild about it.

But then again, that's just me. I'll let you all have your own take on these infographics. Are they accurate? Are they relying on gender stereotypes? Are they funny? You all can be the judge.

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Images (7): ScrollDroll/Facebook