Jon Hamm Is Not Going To Die, So Don't Worry

I wasn't sure that Jon Hamm could get any more endearing and charming than he already is, but let it be known: I was WRONG. Hamm, as endearing and charming as he is, can always get more endearing and charming, and this is proof. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Jon Hamm and his super manly, awesome beard discussed tabloids, Mad Men, beards, and that amazing Emmy losers party he threw with Amy Poehler.

Also, the reason he has that raspy voice is not because he "coughed up blood" and "probably has cancer" like the National Enquirer would like you to believe, but instead because he has a polyp on his vocal chord and will be getting it removed next week in a routine procedure. "My sister called me and was like, 'uh, so, anything you wanna tell us?' And I was like, 'no, why?' 'Well, we just read that you're probably gonna die,' I was like, 'wait, when?! Who have you been talking to?!'" Oh Jon Hamm, if I had a dollar for every time I swooned for you, I'd be a millionaire at this point.

You can watch the videos below. Here's part one...

And here's part two: