Remains Found on Costa Concordia

Two bodies were found onboard the recently-righted cruise ship Costa Concordia Thursday, likely answering questions about the two remaining missing passengers. The deceased are believed to be Russel Rebello of India and Maria Grazia Trecarichi of Sicily, who were presumed to be one of the 32 dead, though their bodies were still missing. Divers will try to recover the human remains found on the deck of the wrecked ship in order to confirm their identities.

Franco Gabrielli, head of Italy's civil protection agency says that the discovered remains are "absolutely consistent" with details given about the two missing individuals.

The 33-year-old Rebello was a waiter on the ship, and was last seen helping passengers evacuate the doomed vessel. Trecarichi was a passenger celebrating her fiftieth birthday with her 17-year-old daughter, who survived the shipwreck.

The families of the missing victims were notified and will travel to the site in hopes of receiving some closure.

Earlier this month, thanks to a feat of nautical engineering, the Costa Concordia was finally restored to an upright position after 20 months of floundering on its side in the ocean.

The ship's captain, Francesco Schettino, is on trial for manslaughter, and is accused of causing the ship to crash and then abandoning ship. He has asked that authorities re-examine the ship now that it is back in a vertical position. Schettino has been accused of purposely causing the ship to steer off course, leading it to crash into the reef. Schettino contends that he is a hero who saved thousands of lives, and that the casualties that occurred during the crash are largely related to the failing of ship's watertight doors.

Experts plan on inspecting the ship further now that its upright. They'll also try to salvage computers and uncover what caused certain equipment, like backup generators, to fail.