The McDonald's "Signs" Commercial: Totally Inspiring or Simply Terrible? — Video

Commercials during big events are often our cue to take a bathroom break, get a snack, or finally grab some water. But there's always that one commercial that grabs your attention enough to stop munching on that snack to sit up and take notice. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, you know it's a special moment. So imagine watching a pretty entertaining live broadcast of the Golden Globes Awards Sunday night on NBC, getting up to get some fruit snacks (old habits die hard, OK?) and the screen suddenly shows what seems like a very long McDonald's "Signs" commercial designed to tear at everyone's heartstrings. Oh yeah, it happened and the Internet is torn about it: Was the commercial so inspiring or totally basic?

The McDonald's commercial featured fun.'s "Carry On" as covered by a chorus of children played over signs from the fast food joint over the years — spanning from 9/11 and "Happy 30th Anniversary" to a couple to "Save Miners." Some folks on Twitter felt all the feels and found the ad to be the most inspiring thing since the last Golden Globe acceptance speech. Really.

Then there are those who rolled their eyes mid-munching on fruit snacks at the ad. The ad was totally made to play on our heartstrings and get you jonesing for an Egg McMuffin. Not gonna happen, McDonald's. These folks aren't buying it.

The McDonald's commercial was the debut of a new approach the Golden Arches are debuting to promote their fast food. Rather than merely focus on the French fries and Big Macs, McDonald's decided to focus on the fast food restaurant as neighborhood spot in its latest ad campaign. They wanted to "continue to tell the story of McDonald's that it plays a role in the communities we serve," said Joel Yashinsky, McDonald's U.S. VP-marketing told AdAge.

So was it inspiring or not? Check it out for yourself.