People Share a Lyft Ride, And Bad Breakup Stories

There's nothing quite like a good breakup story, and there's nothing quite like sharing that heinous tale of romantic bad luck with total strangers. To capitalize on this, Buzzfeed had passengers in a Lyft ride-share tell their worst breakup stories on camera, and the results are pretty priceless. All the necessary elements are present, from pregnancy and cheating to the destruction of personal property — you know, the stuff that nightmares are made of.

When I think of bad breakup stories, I immediately harken back to high school when my boyfriend at the time decided to do the deed over the phone. He was talking about where he saw his life going and the things (and people) he wanted to do, so I knew something was up. When he finally said he needed some space, I heard a crash in the background and some laughter. Turns out, he was breaking up with me while getting high with his best friend, and they had just broken their favorite glass pipe. He was actually more upset about breaking his piece than splitting up with me, so I should probably count myself lucky that it ended. Since then, I have gotten a lot of mileage out of that pathetic story because, well, it makes people feel better about their own heartbreak. I'm happy to do what I can.