Miniature of Monica Geller's Apartment Is Perfect

If you're on a Friends binge right now (who isn't though, right?), you're going to love this. Talented fan and artist Bruno Salvador Conforto has created a miniature of Monica Geller's apartment from Friends, and it's striking in its tiny attention to detail. There's not a picture frame out of place. Everything is there, right down to her beautiful copper pots and pans hanging from the exposed brick kitchen wall. Even more mind-blowing, the replica is made entirely from paper (and you can see many other of the artists teeny-tiny paper miracles, including the under construction Luke's Diner from Gilmore Girls on his "Paper World" Facebook page). Imagine what the world would look like if everyone spent less time stalking their exs on social media and more time making miniatures from their favorite TV shows and movies.

My favorite part is the itty-bitty photo of Chandler and Monica on their wedding day by the windows. Now that's attention to detail (and some incredibly small printing). The whole thing just wants me to adopt six little mice and dress them up in sweater vests and train them to sit on the couch and drink tiny little cups of mouse coffee. In fact, I'm considering wiping my slate of New Year's resolutions clean and abandoning them all to pursue my dream of making Rodent Friends happen. Watch this space.

Photos: brunasalvadorconforto/Facebook(6)