Crayola Gets Hacked With Some, Um, Colorful Posts

There's one brand that immediately springs to mind when you think about childhood — Crayola. But the marker and crayon company's innocence was stolen when the official Crayola Facebook was hacked on Sunday. The company has now regained control of the page, and apologized to audiences for some NSFW posts that appeared while soulless thieves maintained control of their social media.

Naturally, all of the offensive posts were immediately removed from the page, and Crayola issued an apology late Sunday evening. In the spirit of creativity, many of the links posted were clickbait-esque cartoon renderings. Unfortunately for the company, which usually uses its Facebook account to tout products and make Christmas trees out of broken Crayolas, these animations were a little too, er, colorful, for its target audience.

Cartoon diagrams of different types of boobs. A basket full of fish that look like penises. These were some of the creative offerings that the hackers posted. Crayola was quick to color over the posts, and reclaimed its presence with an apology.

Our sincere apologies to our Facebook community for the inappropriate and offensive posts you may have seen here today. Please be assured the official Crayola page has been restored. We can’t thank our fans enough for the feedback and support we received while working to resolve the issue … you truly are the best and we look forward to an exciting and creative 2015!

All I have to say is that the hackers clearly didn't color a lot as children. Where was the art in this? Like, OK, it's super funny that a crayon company is posting sexual innuendos. Yeah, cool. But I feel like there is ample opportunity to have done something a little more creative with this. Crayola would have wanted it that way.

But really, I think we're all wondering this exact sentiment:


Images: Screenshot/AdWeek (5)