What the Heck is Going On With Kim's Style

This is a lesson in how not to do airport style, ladies and gents. Kim Kardashian made her way through JFK airport on Monday, wearing an outfit that was all kinds of wack-a-doo. If this is what Kanye had in mind with redoing Kim's wardrobe for 2015, then I think we're in for a pretty question mark inducing fashion year.

Kardashian wore a tight dress and fur jacket at the airport, and while it sounds harmless enough, it was styled in a very non-tasteful way. I'm thinking more Kim pre-Kanye, if you catch my drift. The tight-fitted black dress was low cut, with a beaded bodice (and plenty of cleavage busting out), and Mrs. West topped it with a long, gray fur coat. But the look only got worse, as she paired the shin-length dress with slouchy Balmain stiletto boots, and a white alligator Birkin. So gaudy is pretty much the understatement of the century.

Given how Kanye has classed up Kim's wardrobe over the past couple years, this outfit was not only an odd choice for the airport, it was just an odd choice period. Let's hope this is just a fluke, but if this is the style road she's choosing to go down this year, I mean, you do you, Kim.

Images: Getty Images; socialquiche/Twitter