State of Affairs is Getting INTENSE!!!

Another week, another Monday, another anxiety-provoking evening with the most confusing but somehow the most predictable show on television. On State of Affairs episode 8, Charlie Tucker got her job back, which we ALL knew would take about an episode and a half. Lo and behold, it took 90 television minutes for Charlie to get dismissed, and re-hired. Meh, I miss free agent vigilante-justice Charlie already.

Clearly, her replacement just can't do her job right. I mean, who leaves a page out of her briefing to the president, AMIRITE?! Plus, what kind of a lamebrain briefer can't go with her briefer's hunch?! PPFT... MORON!! Having a totally uninformed hunch that you ALWAYS GO WITH is like presidential briefing 101. Luckily, she totally understands that she's the most pitiful briefer ever and resigns. This opens the door wide open for miss lady to rise back through the ranks and land her job back.

Also, Nick is making his mission happen in some sort of way, which is all well and good. Luckily, he knows how to tell a ruby from a cubic zirconium so THAT'S a great life skill. However, I still have no idea where this is leading —UNLESS HE'S PICKING OUT RINGS TO CHARLIE!!! In that case, he'd probably just go to Jared. Otherwise, I'm not all that attached to the result of this storyline, because knowing this show, his conflict will either be solved by next week or his character will be dropped entirely.

Also, hold the phone... Mr. Clayton is working with President Clayton's nemesis. OoOoOoOo, BETRAYAL! I knew there was something wrong with him, because this show subtly insinuated that he couldn't be trusted. And when I say "subtly insinuated" I mean, pelted me in the face with overt signs.

Image: NBC