Christoph Waltz, a.k.a., the actor who immediately makes any film he's in about 30 times better, may have lined up another winning role to follow up his Oscar win for his appearance as Dr. King Schultz in 2012's Django Unchained. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Waltz is in talks to portray the villain in the upcoming Tarzan adaptation from Warner Bros.

The film, which will be directed by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows director David Yates, will star True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard as the titular Tarzan, a dude who was somehow raised by a group of apes. Whatever works, OK?

The character that Waltz is in talks to play is that of Belgian soldier Captain Rom, who wants to kidnap Tarzan in exchange for a ransom of diamonds because EVIL LAUGH. Unclear still is who may portray Tarzan's future lady love Jane, but apparently, Margot Robbie and Emma Stone have both been considered.

It's also not clear whether or not Waltz will sign on, but it seems likely — generally when reports like this are released, it's because negotiations are close to being finalized. He definitely should, because the idea of a Skarsgard/Waltz headlined film is just too good not to make a reality.