Kenny Powers is Back

If you had any doubts as to whether or not Kenny Powers would be back in full force in the upcoming fourth season of Eastbound & Down, make no mistake — Kenny Powers is definitely back. Proof? First off, you're hard to please, and secondly, here: Check out these two brand-new clips from the highly-anticipated premiere, which is set to air on HBO this Sunday.

In the first clip, we see Kenny working at a car rental place, finalizing some paperwork with a couple to get them a rental Ford Focus for their trip. Alas, things don't go quite as planned when the husband in the couple recognizes Kenny as a former baseball player, and requests a picture.

Kenny, of course, turns it down, saying his celebrity life is over so he doesn't do pictures anymore, and the husband gets angry, claiming that Kenny is acting "uppity" and eventually complaining to Kenny's manager.

In the second clip, we see Ken Marino hanging out with Kenny and friends, coaxing Kenny to talk about what awesome things he has in his life. Apparently, a family that loves him is not an awesome thing, but a pool is. Duly noted, Eastbound & Down, duly noted.

You can check out the clips below. The fourth season of Eastbound & Down will premiere this Sunday, Sept. 29, at 10 PM. In other words, it's what you can flip to after Breaking Bad ends, because it'll probably cheer you up.