Jessica Chastain Like You've Never Seen Her Before

Warning: once you've seen Jessica Chastain and Jimmy Kimmel's Wrigley's commercial parody, you may never look at them or gum the same way again. When the actress appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, she told him a story about her start in acting on ER, but mentioned she actually got her SAG card for an '80s TV spot. She was hurt that he didn't remember, so of course they just found the "footage" and rolled it for our viewing pleasure.

"Load the gum with one fluid bending motion, and voila — you'll have the perfect load!" the voiceover promises as Kimmel demonstrates, rocking a full-on handlebar mustache and a red tank top. But remember to act natural, the ad warns, not overreacting to the amazing flavor of the gum like Chastain does with a Taylor Swift-esque surprised face. Her side ponytail-headband combination is enviable, and I'm pretty sure she could wear a colorful aerobics outfit on a red carpet and people would praise her and imitate her after. There's some awkward gum action when Chastain gets it all over her hands, face, and in her hair, but ends on a funny note when she and Kimmel basically ride gym equipment like they're in a horse race while giving thumbs up. Sure, the fake ad is awkward and full of gross innuendo, but a sketch can inspire me to have an '80s Jane Fonda workout video party, I'm all in. Chastain can really do no wrong.