'Gone With The Wind' Has Gone K-Pop

As someone who lives in Atlanta, I can confidently report that the average resident makes approximately zero daily references to the Atlanta-set classic film Gone With The Wind. Although Margaret Mitchell's 1936 historical romance novel and its iconic film adaptation have had a profound impact on both literature and modern day dating advice, its relevance doesn't especially continue to come up in real life. However, South Korea finds the plot's American Civil War qualities charming still. So much, in fact, that they staged a K-Pop musical version of it.

Seohyun, the youngest member of wildly popular K-Pop band Girls' Generation, takes on the lead as the original Southern belle brat Scarlett O'Hara. "I'm so honored and happy to be playing the role of Scarlett in this amazing production together with such great actors," she wrote on her Instagram account. "I'll put my everything into it!" GWTW marks Seohyun's second appearance in a musical production.

The original film adaptation from 1939 has long been cast in a critical light for portraying its African-American characters in a horribly racist light. No real word about how the K-Pop renditions handles the issue, but it does appear as if the Tara Plantation slaves get their own dance number...sooooo, at least there's that? The show runs through mid-February, so if you're in SK and curious, cop tickets here.

Video footage from a recent press run shows pretty much what you'd expect: hoop skirts, making out with pompous dudes, throwing fits, and obviously plenty of pop-tastic singing and dancing.