Fashion Show Mandates PJs for the Audience

Finally, a fashion show I'm already dressed for. What stomping ground of the fashion elite could one possibly attend wearing sweatpants and a stained, oversized T-shirt from her high school track team (just painting a really flattering image of myself here, guys...)? Well, apparently at Costume National's pre-fall show, pajamas were the mandatory dress code — designer pajamas, of course.

At the Art of Elysium gala last weekend in L.A., the fashion house presented its fall 2015 collection to an audience ready for bed. In a fashion show set up like something out of my wildest dreams, Costume National arranged comfy beds and couches around the room and attendees (like Johnny Depp, Usher, and James Franco) got to don custom-designed PJs and chow down on TV dinners while watching the show.

I mean, I'm sure some people in that audience were excited to shed the skin-tight skirts and sky-high heels, but isn't taking the fashion out of the fashion show kinda defeating the point? Sure, models are still strutting in their stuff in designer threads, but what about the fun sense of eliteness? If I'm going to be reclining on a couch in a onesie, wrist deep in a bowl of chips, I might as well be in my own living room watching it on TV so I can pause it for bathroom breaks — which is basically already my Tuesday night...and some Friday nights.... Let's just be real here...

Images: Getty Images, blouinfashion/Twitter, sharonclott/Instagram