Want to See Jesse And Walt Actually Smile?

It's true: Breaking Bad is as sad as a morning with Walt Jr., without breakfast. Over the past five-and-a-half seasons of the critically acclaimed AMC series, we've watched as cancer, drugs, addiction, and murder sent our heroes down a dark path of depression, culminating in a penultimate episode that made Terms of Endearment seem like a happy family sitcom. (When Aaron Paul's Jesse hurts, we hurt.)

So it feels good — and as shocking as a Breaking Bad twist — to say there is video footage of both Jesse and Walt smiling. And laughing. Thanks to the Dog and Pony show, who created the video tribute below set to Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)," we finally get the chance to see our favorite meth-cooking duo — and their long-suffering relatives — having, well, the time of their lives. (Even Mike!) Complete with bloopers! Seems working on one of the saddest shows of all times is actually quite fun.

Yes, Sunday will definitely prove to be the end of an era for fans of what could be the best TV show of all time — but at least this will live on the Internet forever for us to watch on a loop come Season 5's end.

Image: AMC