Will Benedict Cumberbatch Win a Critics' Choice Award? His Golden Globe Snub Is a Bad Indicator

It's hard to think of someone like Benedict Cumberbatch ever losing at anything. I mean, this guy is so beloved by basically the entire world at this point that he seems pretty much unstoppable. And rightfully so. Which is a big part of what made Cumberbatch's loss to Eddie Redmayne at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards such a huge (and slightly uncomfortable) pill to swallow. Both actors were up for a Globe in the Best Actor category: Cumberbatch for his portrayal of Alan Turing in The Imitation Game and Redmayne for his work as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. So now that Redmayne has come out the winner for the Globes round, what does this mean for Cumberbatch's chances at Thursday's Critics' Choice Awards? Unfortunately, nothing good.

Look, it's not as if we didn't know this was going to be a competitive race between these two stars right from the get-go. I mean, two talented actors playing two iconic geniuses in two very captivating films? That's an impossible decision if there ever was one. But now that Redmayne defeated Cumberbatch at the Golden Globes, I fear the Critics' Choice Awards will produce very similar results. What makes me so pessimistic? Well, if you look at the award show's history, you'll recognize a very telling pattern. Observe…

The 2014 Best Actor Winner at the Golden Globes:

Everyone remembers Matthew McConaughey-hey-hey's brilliant work in Dallas Buyers Club, right? (Alright, alright?) A well-deserved win indeed. So it shouldn't make you all that surprised about…

The 2014 Best Actor Winner at the Critics' Choice:

McConaughey for the win again! But, of course, if you're anything like me (sorry about that, by the way), then you could chock it all up as being one big fluke. I mean, surely not every Golden Globe for Best Actor matches up with the Critics' Choice winner… right? Well, let's look even further back, shall we?

The 2013 Best Actor Winner at the Golden Globes:

Ah, yes. Who could forget Daniel Day-Lewis' phenomenal work in Lincoln? In fact, I'm still not entirely convinced that he actually isn't Lincoln, to be quite honest. That's just how good he was (or how gullible I am). Either way, though, it was a job well done. But then what about…

The 2013 Best Actor Winner at the Critics' Choice:

Day-Lewis gets another win. Huh. Anyone else starting to spot a distinct pattern here? No? Not yet? Alright, fine. One more time then, with feeling!

The 2012 Best Actor Winner at the Golden Globes:

CLOONEY! THE DESCENDANTS! A great guy and great film, so it's no wonder that the two produced such winning results. But don't tell me…

The 2012 Best Actor Winner at the Critics' Choice:

Yup. Everything was coming up Clooney that year, which is usually never a bad thing. But in this case, I'm afraid it seals poor Cumberbatch's fate. I won't list out the results anymore for you, but let's just say the Globe and Critics' Best Actor category have been completely in sync ever since 2010. That's a five-year streak! You don't have to be Sherlock to deduce that this is not a good sign. So, I'm sorry Cumberfans, but the chances of our favorite Brit winning seems rather hopeless at this point.

Though, if anyone could defy such incredible odds, it would be this guy.

The game is on, good sir. And we're all rooting for you!

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