Love Starbucks Enough to Get Married There?

Starbucks has long maintained loyal patronage by its unique demographic of Ugg-wearers and intern errand-runners. But the crack-coffee franchise can now proudly boast that its customer base has expanded to include wedding parties using the hashtag #StarbucksWedding on Instagram — because no bride should be without her preferred caffeinated beverage on her special day (coincidentally, also priced at a criminally expensive rate). And lo! How might a bridal party navigate the grueling responsibilities of pre-ceremony grooming without their 'Bucks near at hand? (My deepest condolences to any planners whose winter wedding was momentarily ruined by rumors of the roaster’s decision to nix its eggnog latte.)

Follow the hashtag for a feed of wide-eyed brides-to-be, bundled in white robes with curlers atop their heads and a red cup pressed ever-so-lightly to their glossed lips. Scroll further for photographs of rows of solo cups with hand-scrawled names of each of the bride’s nearest and dearest. Look on in amazement at the literal Starbucks-themed wedding, complete with cupcakes customized with a rendering of the bride and groom in place of the brand’s iconic green mermaid. After all, where would any of these couples actually be if not for their many afternoons huddled over those paper cups with Michael Bublé serenading them overhead. Behold its wedding magic below:

We owe it all to you, Starbucks.

Image: heathers_pretty_life/Instagram