Snoop Dogg is a Grandfather & He's Already Participating in an Important Grandparent Tradition — PHOTOS

Congrats are in order for this brand new grandpa. Yep, Snoop Dogg is a grandpa! I guess we can now start calling him "Snoop G-Pa" or "Snoop G-Dogg." Whatever nickname we decide on, these are some exciting times for the musician. His oldest son Corde "Spank" Broadus and his girlfriend Jessica Kyzer gave brith to a healthy baby boy named Zion. Snoop shared the news via an Instagram video, where he couldn't help but contain his excitement. He shared the following caption with the video,

Proud grandad. My son spank n grandson Zion !! Jah bless.

You can tell Snoop couldn't be more proud to be a grandfather, because he's already participating in the wonderful grandparent tradition of sharing tons of photos — only he shares them with his many fans. Another photo reads,

Zion. U have a lot of love WAitn on u grandson !!

Can you believe Snoop is a grandfather? Isn't that just so strange to write and say out loud? I just can't picture him as a grandpa, but I can see him rapping to his sweet grandson. Overall, it is very exciting times for the singer, who appears to be over the moon for Zion and his parents. Congrats, Snoop, on your brand new addition! Now, let's check out that baby.