How Many Rucker Siblings Are There? The 'Love Thy Neighbor' Stars Come From a Big Family

When you're dealing with a reality show, you're never going to get the full picture. It's one of the most frustrating things as a viewer who just wants every dishy detail, and also one of the most understandable: Not everyone wants to be a reality star, offering up pictures of themselves to the world. Still, it leads to a lot of questions. For example: How many siblings are in Love Thy Sister 's Rucker family? These women come from a brood even larger than the Kardashians.

One of the selling-points of Love Thy Sister is that it surrounds three women who, much like the Kardashians, come from money and like to act crassly with each other. Unlike the Kardashian brood, though, most of the rest of the family isn't present and accounted for. Turns out there's a lot more Ruckers than would be easily apparent from the antics of Ione, Ruby, and Ellen.

In fact, those particular Ruckers are just three out of eight children born to Ruby and Doug Rucker. As Ione puts it in the bio on the official Ruckers sisters website:

Ione Margaret King Rucker is the eighth child born to Dr. Douglas and Ruby Rucker. She was raised in Lancaster, South Carolina and is affectionately known as “the baby” of the family. Ione takes pride in that title and truly appreciates the many valuable lessons learned from her older siblings.

Ruby is the oldest of the eight, and Ellen's listen on WE's website as the "middle" sister. Not much else is known publicly about the other five siblings not on reality TV contracts, but I'm guessing that's how they want it.