You Can Be 'New Girl' Roommate Schmidt's Real Life Roomie & Here's How — VIDEO

Have you ever wanted to live with Schmidt from New Girl? No? He sounds like he'd be an extremely high-strung roommate? I agree with ya there, but you can't deny he'd keep the place clean. In any case, now you actually have the chance to try it out: You can enter to be roommates with New Girl 's Schmidt/Max Greenfield. And it sounds pretty fun.

This opportunity is yet another one coming to us via Omaze. Previous chances Omaze offered as long as you, in turn, gave them money for a cause? The chance to eat ribs House Of Cards -style (probably with less duplicity) with Kevin Spacey. The chance to be an extra in Star Wars , as brought to you by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The chance to be Kristen Bell's date to the Veronica Mars premiere. There were many more after that.

This time around the money raised is going to Chrysalis, a nonprofit dedicated "creating a pathway to self-sufficiency for homeless and low-income individuals by providing the resources and support needed to find and retain employment." All it takes is $10 to enter yourself in for a chance to 1) be flown out to LA and stay in a four-star hotel, 2) "spend as day as Max's new roommates" on the set of New Girl and 3) hang out with Greenfield and "take selfies on the [New Girl] couch." The proposed day with good ol' Schmidt-y involves lunch on the lot and...a morning workout.

Aside from the workout it sounds pretty fun!

You can see Greenfield explain the dealio here and enter yourself into the raffle here.

Image: Fox