Black Lace Rules The Critics' Choice Awards Red Carpet

Some trends are revived time after time due to their sheer, ageless beauty. Black lace is one such trend, and the 2015 Critics' Choice Awards were rife with actresses sporting the alluring look. Could black lace transcend awards season as a top trend of 2015? Thanks to the superior sartorial know-how of Julianne Moore and Michelle Monaghan, it very well might.

Moore has never met a fashion risk she didn't like, and the Critics' Choice Awards red carpet was no different. The Still Alice actress, who won a Golden Globe for her spirited performance in the film, strolled onto the red carpet clad in a black, floor-length Saint Laurent gown with a daringly deep neckline accented in an illusion panel of black lace. Paired with drop earrings and simple, streamlined locks, the look was the best of both vintage and modern style.

However, Moore was not the only actress with black lace on the brain for the Critics' Choice Awards. Television presenter Charlie Webster and True Detective star Michelle Monaghan also took on the trend at the awards show. Monaghan graced the red carpet in a beautifully rendered black lace Elie Saab gown and a swept-back updo, which beautifully complemented the actress's rosy glow.


Though black lace is by no means a revolution in terms of fabrication, the manner in which it was utilized for each gown was both breathtaking and modern. If black lace is a top trend for 2015, we can look forward to a very fashionable year indeed.