Kids Eat Escargot For the First Time and React Pretty Much the Way You'd Expect — VIDEO

The internet has watched the sass level of Generation Z steadily mount with every video of kids reacting to things like Gameboys and Walkmans (Walkmen?), but thankfully this new video of kids reacting to escargot is a timeless kind of classic that (for once) won't make you feel like a total dinosaur. I think it is safe to say that most kids' reaction to seeing a cooked up snail drenched in garlic and pesto for the first time is a universal kind of YUCK, so when you watch this video, you'll probably relive your first (and possibly only) experience with the delicacy. But something tells me that when you ate escargot for the first time, your attitude didn't compare to this group.

I think the kids are confused and believe that they've stumbled onto an episode on Fear Factor. Only about half of them know what the dish is, and the half that don't are quite candid about comparing the delicacies to sewage or pieces of bark covered in moss. But don't worry, our little snail friends did not die in vain: Thanks to this video, we now have all sorts of charming new desktop wallpapers we can use to jazz up our nine-to-five (you're welcome):

Also, if you happen to like this dish, these kids have a message that they need you to hear: "Whoever eats this is a HOBO." Watch every employee in a French restaurant's worst nightmare here:

Image: YouTube