BuzzFeed's "Breakup Sex" Video Twists the Knife in Our Collective Broken Hearts

Broken hearts are the lowest common denominator of human mourning. BuzzFeed’s “Breakup Sex” video reminds us all of that inauspicious pre-split exchange that inevitably ends poorly for everyone, and the post-coital acknowledgement that it’s over. Nothing kicks quite as hard as the “I love you, but it’s not working out” disclaimer, especially when it’s been looming in the near distance for a prolonged period of time.

Certain breakups are especially traumatic. Holidays? The worst. Anniversaries, birthdays, New Years, and yes, Valentine’s Day (ugh), have a special way of driving home your loneliness (returning your partner’s Christmas gifts, if you’ve ever had to, is demoralizing). In its six minute short, BuzzFeed captures the essence of the pre-breakup dance of resentment disguised as hypotheticals. Inevitably this leads to that last ceremonial kiss, which may or may not lead to sex — a sort of “one last dance” to remind yourselves that at one point you genuinely cared for one another and it wasn’t always awful. Watch below as BuzzFeed’s couple throw a wrench into the gears of their relationship, with a twist of dejection at the end. (Warning: this is probably not a video you should watch if you’re currently nursing your despondent heart machine.)

Image: BuzzFeed Yellow/YouTube