What to Expect From 'Homeland' Season 3

In case you've been in a Breaking Bad bubble like the rest of the world, we've got news for you: Breaking Bad is not the only show out there, and it is also not the only show with an important episode airing tonight. I know, right? Mind-blowing! Homeland 's third season premieres tonight on Showtime. Given what happened in last season's finale, we figure there are a few things you'll need to prepare yourself for when it comes to season 3.

Brody Will Likely Be Around At Least Slightly Less

This isn't a surprise, is it? He went on the run from the American government at the end of last season, so he's both separated from the rest of our main characters and a little preoccupied. We'll definitely see him — we've already seen that from the trailers — but don't expect him to be in every episode. This isn't Game of Thrones; Homeland is much less accustomed to jumping quite as wildly around the ensemble.

This Season Will Be a Bit More "Quiet" Than Last

Last season undoubtedly dropped quite a few bombshells —literally and in terms of plot. Brody was figured out by members of the CIA other than Carrie and Saul, he was interrogated (and stabbed a little bit), the vice president was assassinated, the Big Bad terrorist was killed, and a solid 90% of the top echelons of the CIA was wiped out in the biggest terror attack since 9/11. Oh, and Dana played a part in a hit-and-run and felt really bad about it, but we try to forget about that part.

Basically: Last season was bonkers, and not in reference to Carrie's mental health. This season, according to executive producer Alex Ganza in an interview with TV Guide, will largely deal with the aftermath of that, especially at first.

"Everything that happens in Season 3 grows out of the attack on the CIA. We are in the wake of the attack and all the ramifications of that event. So by its very nature, it's a period of reassessment, a period of getting back on our feet. It's a reflective beginning. I don't think it's any slower, but there's certainly not a lot of action. It's a quieter kind of energy."

Things Will Likely Grow Strained Between Carrie And Saul

Saul's touching worry for Carrie in the aftermath of the attack in last season's finale aside, this season finds the pair under a hefty amount of pressure (and scrutiny) from the people investigating who to blame for what happened. We already saw at the end of one trailer a scene in which Saul approaches Carrie, whispering "I'm so sorry." She looks none too pleased with him, so expect some tension in their father/daughter-like bond.

Carrie's Off Her Meds, So S*** Is Probably Gonna Get Real

According to Ganza:

"She, in her soul, believes that if she'd had access to her genius last season, she would have been able to stop the attack that happened. [She believes] because she was on her meds, she was somehow dulled to the signs. ... She's made a very conscious decision to go off her meds, and she's not doing it on her own. She's doing it under the supervision of a doctor because she realizes it's dangerous. But she can't not do it."

This could be great for her — both as a chance for the character to confront her illness head-on and as an avenue for Claire Danes to further flex her multi-Emmy-winning acting chops. In the television world, though, it probably also means looming chaos.

Image: Showtime