Celebs Celebrate Martin Luther King Day on Twitter with Quotes & Gratefulness

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, everyone! If you have the day off from school/work, try to spend it doing something meaningful that would make Dr. King proud (i.e. don’t use this as a gratuitous excuse to spend all day sale shopping). Because after all, we have plenty to owe him. Celebrities took the opportunity to honor Martin Luther King on Twitter, offering further inspiration for you to keep the legacy of King's prolific dream in your mind.

Just a few ideas for how you can spend the holiday... Check out Selma if you haven't already seen it. Re-watch King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Host a movie marathon made up entirely of films about the Civil Rights Movement. Read some of King's classic interviews. Spend some time in thoughtful discussion about Dr. King's philosophy of nonviolent resistance. In a time when the state of social justice in America seems bleak, his words have a renewed weight. Nowadays, we can all afford to revisit his ideas.

Plenty of famous singers, actors, and politicians are joining the conversation about Dr. King on social media. Some are sharing some of his most inspirational quotes. Others are wishing everyone well. Some are talking about their own dreams for a world free of inequality and persecution. Check some of their words out for yourself below.