Coolest Dad Ever Pranks Mom By Turning Entire House Into A Giant Ball Pit — VIDEO

I generally associate "pranking" with PUNK'D or Jackass, so basically, either overly elaborate or downright disgusting. But Roman Atwood, DILF and notorious prankster, has finally nailed the art of the prank by filling his entire house with plastic ball pit balls. It's literally the most fun prank ever. It makes sense that his prank is more along the lines of "likely to inspire absolute joy in family members" rather than "embarrass, scare and shame," given that his business name is "The Smile More Project." And watching his kids help him fill the house with balls to give their mom a surprise homecoming certainly seems like a good way to make anyone with a beating heart smile more.

When his wife/baby mama gets home and is met with an avalanche of plastic balls, she's momentarily shocked, and for a moment I thought, "This is it, this is how their marriage ends." Once in the house, however, she immediately jumps into the balls and starts playing with the kids. Apparently, these two are a goddamn match made in heaven. It's basically the most inoffensive, cutesy prank ever, and it will have you hoping that if ever you have children, it's with a man who's willing to fill the house with balls (plastic ones, obvs). Watch the merry-making below.

RomanAtwood on YouTube