You Have to See Who Shaves Tallulah Willis' Head

A shaved head seems like a simple, no fuss beauty solution, but it actually requires a lot of maintenance — I mean, hair grows fast, and if you want to keep it closely cropped, you have to keep up on it. And as we all know, those visits to the salon for trims can add up quickly. But one celebrity had another idea — Tallulah Willis had Demi Moore shave her head. Guess she has a lot of trust in her mama!

The 20-year-old, who buzzed her hair back in Novemeber, posted a photograph to Instagram of her mom, Demi, shaving her daughter's head. The picture was captioned "mommy-daughter bonding activities." I guess Moore does know a thing or two about buzz cuts, after all, she had a shaved head herself in the 1997 film G.I. Jane. The picture shows 52-year-old Demi running clippers along her daughter's head, while Tallulah snaps a selfie in the mirror. It's definitely an interesting way to engage in mother/daughter bonding, but I mean, hey, whatever brings people together, right? Personally, I think I'll stick to reality TV and copious amounts of baked goods for bonding with my mom, but Demi and Tallulah sure make that razor look fierce.

Images: Getty Images; buuski/Instagram