8 TV Combos That Work Together Perfectly, Because Every 'Mad Men' Fan Should Also Watch 'Parks & Rec'

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Here's my theory about binge-watching a TV show: it's only unhealthy if you don't know how to balance. Of course your brain is gonna feel fried if you watch 10 straight episodes of Breaking Bad in a row — but if you manage to fit a few episodes of Broad City in-between? Then chances are, you'll feel just fine, because even the best dramas need a palette cleanser after a few too many episodes in a row.

The key to all successful binge watches, however, is knowing which pairs of shows, typically a dark drama and a lighthearted comedy, go together the best. Mad Men followed by The Sopranos? Disaster. But Mad Men followed by Parks & Rec? Now that's a perfect combination. Read on for eight TV show pairs you'll want to get started on ASAP.

Image: AMC

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