You Should Probably Own These Cumberbatch Leggings

Have we hit our Benedict Cumberbatch saturation point yet? In the past two years alone the swoon-worthy British actor has starred in Star Trek, the Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave, The Fifth Estate, The Hobbit films, and has continued his run in the cult favorite TV series Sherlock. He got an Academy Award nom for The Imitation Game and landed a coveted spot on Time's "Most Influential People" list. Still, the world can't seem get enough of Cumberbatch. Just take a gander at these Benedict Cumberbatch leggings for proof. Cumberbitches (or shall I say, Cumber people ), eat your heart out.

For those Sherlock noobs unfamiliar with the term, the trusty Urban Dictionary defines a "cumberbitch" as 1. Any woman who has a deep fascination with the wonderful, beautiful, talented English stage and on-screen actor Benedict Cumberbatch. It's also the name of the new line from Poprageous - an LA based clothing label that has just released the collection of Cumberbatch goodies. Yes that's right folks, you can now buy leggings and crop tops featuring photos of the actor's famous smolder. It goes without saying that this bold look is only for the most dedicated of Cumber-fans. But if you feel that your bum is in need of some Cumberbatch (and, really, whose bum isn't), head over to Poprageous to score a pair.

Images: Poprageous.com(2)