In Other News: September 30, 2013

A runaway Chicago Blue Line train collided with another train at the Harlem station Monday morning. Thirty-three people were sent to the hospital with minor injuries, but no one's exactly sure how the accident happened yet.

Shutdown update: Obama says he's open to 11th-hour talks because, well, he kind of has to be.

Housing an NYC inmate for four years carries the same price tag as an Ivy League education, so maybe that's a discussion we should have sometime soon.

Renewable energy is coming to the masses courtesy of IKEA, which is now unleashing solar panels for UK shoppers. A standard system for a semi-detached house will run $9,200 and pay off in about seven years. Luckily, they don't make you assemble it yourself.

In a boldly rogue move by our neighbor up north, Canada's putting marijuana on the free market for capitalism's sake. They're always trying to be cooler than us.

Yahoo! has come up with a 3D-printer/computer hybrid that helps children who are blind search the web. It sort of works like magic: Kids approach the machine and say "Three-toed sloth." The contraption searches the web, finds a picture of a three-toed sloth, and prints a three-dimensional picture of it so kids can feel it and learn.

Macy's is (temporarily) rescuing America from its own economy by hiring 83,000 seasonal workers this year. Ties and slippers for everyone.

Hate her or love her, Bridget Jones is back: She's 51, a mom, and...single. [If you click on the link there are definitely spoilers].

In case you aren't over it being over yet, here is Breaking Bad, the love story. Also, spoiler alert if you're not one of the 10 million viewers who watched the finale.

But we know one person who did:

(Image via Imgur user submission)