How To Avoid Helmet Hair Like a VS Angel

As if they weren't already flawless enough, it appears that the Victoria's Secret Angels are immune to helmet hair. In the lingerie retailer's Super Bowl ad, the models are dressed for the game, armor and all. And, of course, when they remove their protective head gear, their goddess-like hair looks just as good as it does when they're strutting down the catwalk at the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show. Ugh, unfair.

Even though the Angels have stylists, a crew, and possibly magic on their side, there are ways to escape the dreaded helmet head. Whether you're a cyclist, an equestrian, or a football player, here are five ways to avoid the hair woes that come along with protecting your head.

Work a Side Fishtail Braid

Create a deep side part in your hair, but don't pull the top too tight. Weave your locks into a side fishtail braid. When you take off your helmet, pull the sides of the braid apart and run your fingers through the crown (using a bit of smoothing cream if need be) to create a perfectly imperfect plait.

Wear a Silk Scarf

Because it moves with your hair, wearing a silk head scarf acts as a barrier between your strands and your helmet. This prevents friction, which in turn prevents frizz.

French Braid Your Hair

French braid your hair to the back and secure with a crease-proof elastic band. Shake out your hair for perfect waves when you de-helmet — or don't, and just stick with the youthful, feminine style.

Twist Hair Into a Loose Chignon

Pull your hair into a taut side ponytail and twist your hair into a loose chignon for a classy-meets-athletic helmet style.

Embrace The Stylishly Messy Look

Before strapping on your helmet, flip your hair upside down and hit the underside with a light-hold hairspray or dry shampoo. Spritz it with a salt spray for a beach-y style, and rake through leave-in conditioner if you're prone to frizz. If it's short enough, pile it on top of your hair before putting on your helmet, and if not, let it flow freely through the wind.

Cue the giant fan, because next time you take off a helmet you're going to want to go with the full-on hair flip, à la Candice Swanepoel.

Image: YouTube