This May Be Amy Poehler's Year At The SAG Awards

I originally thought that there was very little hope for Amy Poehler winning the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series at Sunday's ceremony, but you know what? Leslie freaking Knope has a ton of things on her side this year, so I am predicting that Poehler wins a SAG award for her role on Parks and Recreation. When she wins and I’m right, we can all celebrate with waffles at my place.

Lets look at the competition Poehler is facing: Edie Falco for Nurse Jackie, Uzo Aduba for Orange Is The New Black, Julie Bowen for Modern Family, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Veep. Within the last year, Parks and Rec has really exploded. It has become a show that everyone is talking about and hyping up because the seventh and final season is currently airing on NBC. Maybe after 30 Rock ended, people turned to Parks and Rec because it was the closest thing to NBC's other witty workplace comedy. Regardless, Poehler has blown up even more this year than she has in the past and it’s about time she is honored for her contributions to Pawnee, Ind. and Hollywood alike. Let's see what kind of chances Poehler has this year, so we can brace ourselves when the winner is announced on Jan. 25.

No BFF Competition

The last time Poehler was nominated was in 2013, but Leslie Knope was going up against Liz Lemon, which seemed like an impossible decision for voters to make. But Tina Fey almost always won, so i guess it wasn’t that hard of a choice for them after all. However, this time Poehler isn’t going up against her friend Fey, which definitely improves her odds of winning.

Fresh On The Brain

Let’s be honest, besides Poehler and Fey’s opening monologue at the Golden Globes, the awards were a major snooze fest. Between her book release, the last season of Parks and Rec airing, and the amazing hosting skills, everyone is talking about Poehler right now. That gives her a leg-up on the competition.

Less Exciting Nominees

Does anyone else feel like Edie Falco is always nominated for Nurse Jackie and never wins? I have no idea who watches that show, but she’s won three times for The Sopranos in the past. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has also won three times in the past, two for Seinfeld and once for Veep — time to move along. Uzo Aduba is great actress, but "Crazy Eyes" is not as major of a character on Orange Is The New Black as Leslie is on Parks. As for Julie Bowen, Modern Family hasn't been getting as much love as usual this year — remember the Golden Globes?

Time Is Running Out

After this year, Poehler will only have one more chance to win a SAG Award for Parks and Rec. And since NBC is kind of pushing the show out as fast as they can, dating the Parks series finale for Feb. 24, the show may be forgotten by the time next year's awards roll around. They need to honor Poehler now!

Leslie Knope

…Is the most incredible human being to ever grace our TV screens and deserves to win everything.

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