Surprise! Adrian Grenier Looks Fab In Fashion Ads

I kind of just assume that most celebrities, no matter their A or B or C list status (whatever that means, anyway), have been involved in a fashion campaign at one point or another. It just seems like the logical next step. Make a movie. Achieve some form of notoriety and/or success. Volunteer self for a fashion campaign. That's how Hollywood works, right? Well, I guess you could replace the last step with, say, creating your own line of perfume, but I digress. My point is that when I read Adrian Grenier hadn't been in a fashion campaign until 2015, I was a little bit surprised. He's famous and attractive and scruffy... it only makes sense that a brand would eventually throw him in a plaid shirt and see what happens. But apparently not, because Grenier's first-ever fashion campaign with Buffalo Jeans just dropped.

The photos from the campaign sort of look like well-groomed glamour shots of Grenier hanging out in his apartment. You know, if he usually finds himself casually lounging in antique wicker chairs or standing by giant windows with models draped over him. Oddly enough, both of those aforementioned scenarios do actually seem like something that would happen IRL for Grenier. Maybe the whole Entourage persona is working for him off-screen?

Either way, the campaign as a whole really works. It's black and white, cool, sexy and makes you want to hang out in mansions with Adrian Grenier. I'd say a success overall.