Watch Adults Try To Ride An Electric Skateboard

Tapping into our collective schadenfreude, BuzzFeed brings us “People Ride An Electric Skateboard,” in which — you guessed it — people propel themselves uncontrollably on a motor powered board atop four wheels (in case any of us has forgotten what a skateboard is). Because what’s even better than a bunch of accident-prone adults tempting gravity? Said grown-ups boarding a self-directing object with no idea how or why it works. BuzzFeed has labeled it “skateboarding for the leisure class.” I’ve labeled it “a death wish.”

This isn’t the first time journalists have signed a waiver of their employer’s basic assurance of safety in the name of content. Earlier this month, Yahoo’s technology reporter Daniel Howley wrote a piece titled “I Rode a One-Wheeled Electric Skateboard and Didn’t Break a Single Bone.” No broken bones. All in a day’s journalism. Surprisingly, the number of writers embarking on these investigative ventures who have forfeited their right to don a helmet is relatively high (to raise the stakes, presumably), with the exception of a couple of intelligent journos who were like Oh, hell no. Safety first, losers.

If you’d like to watch someone successfully coast on a motorized skateboard, please head here. If you’d like to witness a bunch of journalists being goobers, look no further than the video below.

Image: BuzzFeed/YouTube