Ways to Tell If Your Crush Likes You

Having a crush can be both awful and wonderful at the same time, but easily the worst part is not knowing whether or not they like you back. It's an agonizing process captured in the BuzzFeed video "Ways to Tell If Your Crush Likes You." Because the Internet is not only where we find answers but also find solace.

We all like to think that all the drama over crushes is something we got over in middle school, but the reality is that just because we grow up and get better at pretending to be less awkward, that doesn't mean that on the inside we aren't still those same gangly pre-teens. Maybe with a little extra perspective, but all the same awkward, self-conscious emotions. And no one knows if it's going to go somewhere or end in heartbreak before these feelings even get off the ground.

But the truth is that whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, whether you're nursing an office crush or have it bad for one of your friends, most people have a habit of developing those pesky romantic-like feelings for other humans. Inconvenient as it may be, you at least aren't alone. Even if the whole thing, frustratingly, often goes something like this.