Olivia Palermo Designs a Handbag With a Charger

We've all been there. Frantically trying to upload an Instagram, look up directions, or send a text message with the low battery message popping up and the red, drained battery icon glaring at us. This type of stress has probably aged me approximately 30 years, but Olivia Sometimes, we're lucky enough to find an outlet. And others? Let's just pretend like I haven't publicly screamed "noooooo" as my screen blacked out.

Enter Olivia Palermo's new handbag with a built-in charger for an iPhone or iPad. In collaboration with Aspinal, a London based label, Palermo will create this limited edition tote based off Aspinal's most well-known bag, the Marylebone bag.

All proceeds from the totes will go to ADCAM, a charity in the Maasai Mara region that focuses on education and sustainability in order to preserve the Maasai community. According to Vogue, Palermo, a long time supporter of ADCAM, said today "working with Aspinal and having them lend their support to ADCAM has been a stylish and meaningful experience."

Dubbed the "TechTote," the bag features padded iPad compartments and organized cords that won't go haywire. And true to Olivia form, the bag will not skimp on looks. Palermo is one of many marrying fashion and technology. Rebecca Minkoff recently unveiled a bracelet for Case-Mate that connects a USB cable sync and charge mobile devices. And Tory Burch has made the FitBit stylish with a multitude of her different designs.

The catch? The collaboration will only produce 30 bags. So we may not be able to get our hands on it, but it's nice to know that this could be the future of handbags.

Images: Aspinal of London