National Readathon Day – The Twitter Edition

Pick up a book and hide your iPhone in the sofa, because today is National Readathon Day and you gotta enjoy it pre-twenty-first century style. That means four hours of straight reading – not Instagramming yourself covered in books.

Actually, I'm pretty sure Earth is a Readathon sponsor because she's cast upon us a perfect sheet of white snow – snow that says, "Do you really need to leave your house today?" Unless you don't have hot chocolate easily accessible, you don't.

The event is scheduled from noon to 4 P.M. so you still have some time to pick out your book. More importantly, you have time to brag on Twitter about how literary you are. You know you want to. You'll be in good company.

Several writers are taking on the challenge and using the day to catch up on a new book.

Or just using today as an excuse to talk about why they love reading.

And would it be America if we didn't have some self promotion going on? Hell no.

There's no rules about what to read. So you might try the book everyone except you has read.

Or go back to an old favorite.

Just be prepared for the long haul.

But please don't say screw it and watch T.V.

Many bookstores and library are hosting readers, but only one bookstore Minnesota is going all out. And now I'm really jealous of Minnesota.

Other bookstores are just prepping their comfy chairs.

And every book nerd out there has a reading suggestion. So get reading! The clock is ticking.