Stephen Colbert Chained Up Vince Gillian to Force Him to Write More 'Breaking Bad,' Because Of Course

It's been hard to accept that Breaking Bad is over, but we must accept it now: The series is finished, and creator/genius Vince Gilligan has moved on to other projects, like that new TV show in the works over at CBS with House creator David Shore. Since the series finale of Breaking Bad just aired a couple of days ago, though, Gilligan is still doing the press rounds to promote it — hence this charming and entertaining appearance on The Colbert Report, where he talks about the show, why he chose not to extend it past five seasons, and other fun topics.

Stephen Colbert also chains him up in the basement à la Jesse Pinkman, in an effort to force him to write more episodes, which, don't lie — you all watched Misery and had those intrusive thoughts for like a SECOND too.

The funniest part of this appearance, though, is the fact that even during the midst of a government shutdown possibility (spoiler alert: It happened), Colbert completely drops his "f**k yeah, America" façade because he's just so excited to have the creator of Breaking Bad on his show that he can't stay in character. The last time this happened was, uh, never. That's how you know this show was something special.

You can check out the clips below. Here's part one...

And part two...

And Vince Gilligan chained up in the basement: