Sorry, Beyonce: Blue Ivy Likes Jay-Z's Music More Than Yours

Oh, Blue Ivy. We just don't know what to say. Both of your parents are crazy talented. It's true — you kinda won a genetic lottery with this one, so congrats on that. But your mother is Beyoncé. Beyoncé Gisele Knowles. Beyoncé. And now, Blue Ivy, we're hearing you like Jay-Z's music better? At least, that's what Beyoncé herself is saying.

Well, fine, it's actually pretty cute, especially hearing Jay himself explain it in his interview with Vanity Fair:

My album came out and I don't know if Blue ever heard any of my music prior to this album … and she loves all these songs. She plays a song and she goes, 'More, Daddy, more … Daddy song.' She's my biggest fan.

Ugh, fine, Blue, we forgive you, we guess. Especially given that in response to his wife's comments on their daughter's musical preferences, Jay responded “That’s not true. She does like her mother’s music — she watches [Beyoncé’s concerts] on the computer every night."

Which, I mean, just picture it: Little Blue in her decked-out crib, all snuggled up in her Balmain onesie, watching her mother work it and belt it for the masses. Lucky, lucky, lucky baby.