Gaga's Dress Proves She Loves 'Romy & Michele'

Even when Gags dresses up in relatively normal clothing, she still manages to look like she's in costume. Last night, Lady Gaga attended her friend's bachelorette party looking like Michele Weinberger of Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. She wore a carnation pink body con dress, and may or may not have spontaneously broken out into a choreographed dance to "Time After Time" at some point during the night.

Judging from a series of pictures posted in her Instagram, it looks like the bachelorette festivities lasted all weekend long. On Sunday, Gaga posed a picture of her Saturday night look, confessing in her caption that she was "pretty sure she was completely wasted" in the given photo. Obviously the whole shebang was a pretty boozy affair, and Gaga's satin pink body con dress fit the theme of "white girl wasted" to a T. Around her shoulders, she wore a sorta disheveled fake fur stole and a diamond necklace. Her cat eye game was tight, but it looked to succumb to a bit of shwastey-faced smudging as the night wore on.

Even if there are some obvious differences, this look reminds me distinctly of Michele White's reunion ensemble. Ya know, after she ditches the business suit and decides to embrace herself for who she is. Sure, Gaga's dress isn't metallic or lined with feathers (as Michele's dress was), but both looks are pink-heavy, super '90s, and fit for a pair of magnificently campy Barbies.

Images: Getty; Instagram; Twitter