Claire Danes' 'Law & Order' Past Revealed at SAGs

This might just be my guilty pleasure, but it is so much fun to learn about a beloved actor's first few gigs in the world of acting. While so many of us have probably seen and fallen in love with the short-lived, incredible series My So-Called Life, Claire Danes revealed to Maria Menounos on the SAG Awards Live from the Red Carpet on E! that one of her first acting gigs and the job that actually helped her get her SAG card was actually on another series. Danes appeared in the Season 3 premiere of Law & Order in 1992 in an episode entitled "Skin Deep." The episode follows Sergeant Phil Cerreta and Detective Mike Logan as they investigate the death of a fashion model photographer.

But there's oh so much more going on in the episode, and Danes definitely made an impression. I mean, what else could have gotten her that first big My So-Called Life break just two years later?

In the episode, Danes plays a young girl named Tracy Brandt who ties into the photographer's life and death, as it's revealed during the episode that the photographer's real business was actually prostitution. Honestly I don't want give anything else away about the episode because you should really just watch it. It's pretty damn entertaining.

Look at that baby face:

Watch some of it here:

Images: NBC (screenshot)