The Storm Could Be Good For Your Love Life

As we here in New York clean out liquor stores citywide in preparation for #Blizzardof2015, take solace in knowing that your chances of finding love improve with the increased crappiness of the weather, which means Juno has exactly one upside. Dating site Zoosk tells us that snowfall is great for online dating activity in cities nationwide. Why might this be? Perhaps it’s because we’re trapped inside with no one other than our loneliness. Or maybe it’s because an increase in perilous weather conditions remind us that nobody wants to die alone. I’m no psychologist. But according to Zoosk, here’s how the different types of weather affect your love life in major cities:


Are you a person living in NYC or Miami? Better hope for rain, kid. Zoosk reports a 5 percent jump in online dating sign-ups on rainy days in those two cities. But if you live in Chicago, Houston, or LA? Not ideal.


Call it love potion #9 (or boredom, alternatively), but snow facilitates huge upticks in web dating activity. Sent messages spike in NYC (56 percent), Chicago (34 percent), and Denver (15 percent). And profile views hike up in NYC and Denver by more than 30 percent when snowfall begins, reports Zoosk.


Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The following metropolitan cities see significant increases in online dating sign-ups when the fog rolls in: Phoenix (45 percent overall), Miami (5 percent for women, 18 percent for men), Chicago (15 percent for women, 5 percent for men), or NYC (9 percent overall). San Francisco, sees and overall decrease by 13 percent. Because nothing in this world is fair.


“It’s hit or miss for where to find thunderstorm-induced sign-ups,” says Zoosk. This is what they know: Phoenix men are 12 percent more likely to sign up; women in Chicago are more likely to sign up by 15 percent; and Houston and Miami see an 8 percent increase in signups when god starts screaming.

Proceed accordingly.

Image: kichigin19/Fotolia