10 Struggles When You're Always Freezing

As the tempest rages on in parts of the northeast, New Yorkers will breath a collective sigh as the weather slowly begins to match the temperature of our frozen hearts. For everyone else, BuzzFeed’s got you covered with “10 Struggles When You're Always Freezing,” (which you will be — at least until Wednesday evening). How might winterstorm Juno affect your typical routine? Allow BuzzFeed (and a person who is consistently cold) to break it down for you.

First, there’s the layers. Adorning the layers is its own small feat — choosing wisely is paramount, lest you leave your house improperly prepared (with too few articles of clothing; there can never be too many). When arriving at your destination, be prepared to obstruct your own conversations with a heaping pile of necessary layers you no longer need to be wearing because you are now indoors. Another point of conflict, they point out, is exiting the shower. It is my suggestion that until the blizzard passes, those of us who run cold simply refrain from showering (as if you’re showering on a snow day anyway). Also, pizza.

Watch the video below as you prepare to leave your house exactly zero times for the next 48 hours.

Image: BuzzFeed/YouTube